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Bird of Prey in Washington State

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I reside in Washington State, in the greater Seattle area. My brother and I were outside when we noticed a sizable bird of prey in our garden. It was quite interesting looking, mostly grey with some spots. I was quite enthralled with this sighting, because it seemed to be different than most bird of prey sightings we come across in our yard (which consists of only ever coopers' and barred owls). It flew away, we attempted to seek it out again, but failed.

We went back inside, upstairs to our rooms, and we heard a piercing whimper coming from outside. We run down the stairs preparing to see our neighbors dog getting attacked by a coyote, but instead we see a large bird of prey flying down the adjacent street pursuing the two coyotes. The coyotes scamper off and we think we see the bird land. We run out with camera and binoculars. Tiptoeing in the forest, we try to spot the bird perched, but the best we manage is to flush it out, scaring it away in the direction farthest from us. My brother barely notices a feather fall from the bird, and we search the ferns tirelessly until we come across what we'd been looking for.

Feather experts, let me know if you have any ideas.

Thanks a lot!





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