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Not just the bird - setting, lighting etc.

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I acknowledge we are possibly getting too many sub-topics but I really like the photos that have something of interest as well as the bird.

I'd like to see just a few before the thread dies. I know we have great photographers here, not just birders.

I'll post a couple of recent ones as examples, not the best but give an idea of what I am thinking of.

This one is an immature Bonaparte's Gull landing in the early morning mist yesterday morning.


Bonaparte's Gull imm if 8x10 EcoP-758542.jpg

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Okay, I've probably posted this one a gazillion times, and it's my profile header too.  I have shots that are clearer, more detailed, technically better, but it remains my all-time favorite. 

It was relatively cloudy that January morning at Phinizy Swamp Nature Park near Augusta, GA.  The Great Blue was flying over one of the large ponds when he suddenly pulled hard right and did his best imitation of a diving Gannet.  Bill first, wings back, legs behind, like a giant lawn dart.  As he stabbed the water, his feet were already coming around to push off the bottom.  I got several shots in the series, but this THE one for me.  Do us both a favor and zoom in.  The spread of the primaries, the water streaming off his legs, the massive fish impaled on his bill, he looks like a cross between a B2 bomber and the avian Angel of Death. 

It perfectly captures the moment, and everything I love about birding.


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12 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

It perfectly captures the moment, and everything I love about birding

Agree completely. I did a quick crop for those not inclined to follow your suggestion to zoom in (hope that's OK), but any likes should go above.

I thought this thread had died an immediate death (didn't get any notifications and forgot to check back). All out of likes (again) so will follow up later.

Oops, not sure the crop is helpful now I see it on screen.


Charlie's Heron Whatbird-.jpg

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On 8/24/2020 at 11:55 AM, Johnd said:

Iv always liked to include some background in bird photoing. Think it makes a better photo.

I was at a location last week that was attracting a lot of traffic (very serious birders) for some uncommon shorebirds. I included this photo for the Great Blue in my posting.

I suspect not every one appreciates my sense of humour (I only do it occasionally and always remove the photo later).

Great Blue Heron Beeton-7500450.jpg

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