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Not just the bird - setting, lighting etc.

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These pics are not great in quality, but interesting in that they appear to show some pecking order (literally) in the raptor world.  I was at a garden center across the highway from a field, saw some activity & snapped some quick shots in succession.  At first, there were 2 (?immature) Red-Tailed Hawks on the fence with a dead Fox Squirrel; several Turkey Vultures were hanging out a few feet to either side of them.  Eventually, the vultures descended upon & chased the hawks off their prey.  Next, another Red-Tailed Hawk came on the scene and chased off the vultures.  




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I thought this persons photo was pretty cool. To me this is a perfect 5 star habitat photo, something that usually gets poorly rated on eBird. 

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One of my all time favorite photos when it seemed all the photography stars aligned-subject✔️ who doesn't love a Wood Duck, lighting✔️almost perfect to highlight some of the beautiful colors of this duck, background or setting✔️freshly fallen fall leaves. This is the raw photo too I have not messed with it in any way.

128 (2).JPG

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