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Is This a Common Nighthawk?

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Hi I am new to community - thank you in advance for your help. 

I took this photo yesterday at 7:00 PM EDT in suburban Vermont. There were several birds, perhaps four, flying high above our home. It looked like maybe they were preying on insects.

The birds were bigger than a robin, but perhaps smaller than a crow. The wings are quite angular and in some other photos the tail is forked. The color was hard to discern because of the light at that time of day, but the white markings on the wing are clear in the photo below. And the birds face appears to be dark colored, while its throat is much lighter. The beak appears hooked.

A first I thought swift, kite or some kind of swallow, but upon further review this might be a common nighthawk. I have never seen one before, so it would be great if someone could help me confirm or otherwise ID this bird. 



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Good to see they've begun their migration!  I'm in Vermont also and I love watching them fly over my house every August.

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