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Costa Rica Hummingbird

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Seen in December in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica at La Selva Biological Station.  Having a hard time identifying this.  Perhaps it is an immature (note head and back feathers that don't seem to have fully developed color yet), or perhaps it is molting?  Thanks for any ideas!


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I think it looks more like Blue-chested than the others mentioned.  And my Birds of Costa Rica book notes that the female Blue-chested has "a relatively long, straight bill with pink basal half of lower mandible."   A couple of the pictures would seem to show that.  And this bird's range would include this area.  Thanks for the help!   Bird identification detective work is really fun!  I also got a picture of the Rufous-tailed Hummingbird (mentioned in earlier responses)  at La Selva.  Picture is attached.


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