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Bluebird attacking younger sibling

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Hi - question on bluebirds.  The bluebird on the left is younger- the parents are still feeding it.  The bluebird on the right is an older sibling - hatched in the spring.  At first I though the older bird was trying to feed the younger one but then it started attacking it.  I finally hit the window to stop it from pecking the younger, smaller bird.   Do you know why it did this?  I keep more than enough worms out there all the time for the bluebirds.  I believe there are 7 - the parents, 3 juveniles hatched in the spring, and two more juveniles hatched more recently which the parents still feed.

Thank you,


Charlotte, NC



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I think it's common for immature bluebirds from the year's first brood to (try to ) help feed younger birds from a second brood.  It's also not uncommon for these inexperienced immatures to appear annoyed at what the younger ones do.  Ask any older sibling who's been stuck watching a younger brother or sister.

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