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Cooper's Hawk?

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Thanks!  I thought it was a young Cooper's.  It was in the tree watching over a yard with a few bird feeders.  There are usually a few Red-shouldered Hawk's around, but I've never seen them staking out feeders like the Cooper's do.  

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Where I lived previously I have several feeders in my back yard and there were several pine trees in the yard as well.  I saw Cooper's in my yard fairly often, one time one came swooping in at birds on the feeder and it ran into the feeder as it was chasing them.  It hit it so hard I was surprised the hawk wasn't injured.  I did see a Cooper's catch a junco one time and took it up into one of the pine trees to eat it.  I also on numerous occasions found a pile of feathers in my yard where something got caught and consumed.  

Where I walk on my birding walks there are many houses with feeders in their back yards, the same area where I took the photos.  I've seen Cooper's and Sharpies in that area fairly consistently over the years.   

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