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Warblers in S Vermont

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I went in search of warblers this morning at a nearby hotspot that many don't know about.  Hit the jackpot and need some help with ID on these late summer birds.  This is just a few that I am not sure of.  There were many more.


1. Magnolia Warbler?



2. Another Magnolia?



i-6NxLBGH-XL.jpg3. Pine Warbler?i-zFdLTDm-XL.jpg

4.  Another Pine warbler?



5. Canada Warbler?



6. Blackburnian?



7.  Another Pine warbler?



8.  Not a warbler, but female Scarlet Tanager?


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  1. Magnolia
  2. Magnolia
  3. 3a -- Magnolia Warbler; 3b (the flight shot) Empidonax, most likely Yellow-bellied
  4. Looks like the same bird as 3b
  5. Canada Warbler
  6. Blackburnian Warbler
  7. Bay-breasted Warbler
  8. Yes to Scarlet Tanager, but aging and sexing them at this time of year is complicated -- all of them will look green right now.
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Looking back at my pics and thinking about the timeline, I believe the Empid you identified as possibly yellow-bellied was a Least flycatcher.  I heard the distinct calls of 2 of these birds and was thinking that was what I was seeing when I took the pic.  I just didn't remember that when going through my pics and posting.  Here is another shot of the same bird right before it flew.  Thanks again psweet.


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31 minutes ago, mfoster.vt said:

Bird Nuts,

I totally forgot about this, and the fact that you helped me with the ID.  So not a lifer, but still a FOY.  A rare bird for me, and one that I need to be a little more aware of, as you never know when one will show up.  Thanks again.



Congrats on the FOY!  It is a good bird.  Bird Nut #2 has seen only a handful of Yellow-bellieds...and I've never seen one.

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