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Oriole--Hooded or Bullock's

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Costa Mesa, California, (Southern California) today, Sep 2, 2018

I.D. photo #1

At least four pair of orioles nested nearby this year. A pair of Bullock's arrived with the spring Hooded Orioles, but I never saw the male or female again so thought they'd moved on. Or wait, maybe I haven't been looking closely enough. Now the the juveniles are pretty far along, I'm seeing what I think are juvenile Bullock's.  I'm looking at beak length, tail length, pale or whitish belly and some have what appears to be eye stripe. So here are four orioles. 

1. Could this be a juvenile Bullock's?

2. male juvenile Bullock's

3. Female Bullock's, photo from May 2018. A few minutes later she was attacked by a female Hooded Oriole and won the fight.

4. Bullock's juvenile







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