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Flycatchers in NYC

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I thought sparrows and wrens were hard - they are cake compared to flycatchers.

I have three that I'm iffy on. I saw all of them in Central Park this morning. Next time I hope I can record their calls - I've read that that's the best way to distinguish them.

I think the first one is an Eastern Wood-Pewee, the second is Yellow Bellied, and the third is I think an Alder - but I'm not sure.




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2 hours ago, Tony Leukering said:

The middle bird has a white supraloral stripe -- it is not a pewee of any sort. I suggest Least Fly.

In the interest of improving my empid ID, is there any other reason why you don’t think this is a pewee aside from the supraloral stripe? I was looking through Macaulay Library and found quite a few that exhibit a similar pale spot in the lores.




I think this is an Eastern Wood-Pewee. The bill shape and color are classic for one, it appears rather long and slender with long primary projection (although this is hard to discern from the photo), and it has a very weak eyering. I’d expect Least to have a bold, complete white eyering and appear more compact. Also, Least should have a stubbier orange bill rather than a longer and more slender one with a clean-cut dark tip to the lower mandible. This bird has the “vested” appearance of a wood-pewee as well. 

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