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Site Problems and Questions for the Moderator

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Hi WhatBirders! Admin has restored my previous role as a site moderator. I will be adding back in some information and features we used to have, and I can help with editing, moving, and merging posts

I'm posting a response to the request for a separate sub-forum for gulls that was mentioned in another thread. I thought it better to put it here so more people will see it and be able to comment if t

I encourage everyone to use a 'Like' to educate agreement with someone else's identification, esp if you only want to agree without adding information.  We can make these 'Reputation' ratings mean som

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  • Aveschapines changed the title to Site Problems and Questions for the Moderator

Hi All! I changed the title of this thread to reflect the way it's being used now, to report problems and ask questions. This has worked well for me and hopefully it will be more obvious to newcomers now that this is the place for that kind of thing.

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3 minutes ago, MichaelLong said:

Hello I am trying to select a profile pic but it either says that the file is to big or that the url file:///C:/Users/Michael/Pictures/Birb%201/IMG_8208.JPG is not working 

The picture needs to be .49 Mb or smaller; you can use a photo editor program to reduce the size, either by cropping or reducing the file size (or both). I'm not sure it works to link to a photo online; I'd try downloading it to your computer (or phone?) and uploading from there.

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1 hour ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Normal users can choose their own "Member Title" once they've reached 500 posts.  But I assume there is no minimum for a moderator.

Ah, thank you! I didn't realize it was dependent on post count. But yes, I was able to add it as soon as I was made a moderator. I have a few other perks too - for example I don't have the limit on like, thanks, etc. clicks.

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