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Site Problems and Questions for the Moderators

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56 minutes ago, akandula said:

These things work now (I can search, edit my profile, message users, look at all user profiles, etc.) ?

They can for me too! :classic_biggrin:

(Also, notice anything missing from my Signature? :classic_laugh:)

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1 hour ago, scall0way said:

I came here today for the first time in a long time, but kept getting warnings from FireFox that the site was not secure and the certificate had expired - with the usual "proceed at your own risk"

I notified Admin. It's usually a simple fix.

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1 minute ago, akandula said:

@Aveschapines, another problem is occurring. Whenever I logout of the forum from a device, the forum goes blank/shows error 500. On that device, I can see whatbird.com but not the forums. I barely have any devices left to see the forum. I'm pretty sure this is happening to other people.

Thanks as always.

Sean C has this happening as well. I wasn't sure but this is probably the same issue.

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