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Name that Tern!

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Incidental today, Augusta GA. Possibly two birds.

Bird 1-5: This has me thinking Common with that dark primary wedge, although the bill looks black.

Bird 6-10: Is there any chance this is the same bird as in 1-5? On a fairly large body of water I shot several sequences of what I thought was the same bird making passes. Upon looking at my photos I am wondering if there was a second bird. I definitely lost track of it several times so perhaps...


Tern 1 9-3-18.JPG

Tern 2 9-3-18.JPG

Tern 3 9-3-18.JPG

Tern 4 9-3-18.JPG

Tern 5 9-3-18.JPG

Tern 6 9-3-18.JPG

Tern 7 9-3-18.JPG

Tern 8 9-3-18.JPG

Tern 9 9-3-18.JPG

Tern 10 9-3-18.JPG

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1 hour ago, alta said:

I have no problem seeing the first as a Common.  Lots of ours now have black bills.  1st summers.  2nd set looks likely to be a tern.  I am not good enough to say more from those pictures.

Thanks, Alta. And I'm glad to see that you are still out there hitting it.

I have very little experience with terns. If this is a Common, it would be my second sighting. The first was on the coast. Both Common and Forster's would be very unusual for this location. Either bird will be flagged for review so any help in getting this right is greatly appreciated.

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