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All the above ID’s are correct. Location doesn’t change anything in this instance. I don’t think there’s anything similar to the above where location would matter. 
The Location was also mentioned in the title! 😉

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1 hour ago, akandula said:

1. Ruby-crowned Kinglet

2. Yellow-rumped Warbler

3. Townsend's Warbler

4.  Yellow-rumped Warbler

5. Yellow-rumped Warbler

6. Canada Jay


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#1 -- The toes are yellow, ruling out all Empidonax flycatchers; in fact, ruling out flycatchers.

#1 -- The primary projection is very long, ruling out all Empidonax flycatchers.

#6 --  The bird's size, color pattern, and various structures of parts are distinctive in Colorado. There is literally nothing like it there. Clark's Nutcracker, which is about the only bird of somewhat similar size and color pattern has a much longer bill, a much shorter tail; the tail and wings are black, not gray; and lacks the Canada Jay's distinctive dark gray patch on the head.

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40 minutes ago, cypresscreek said:

Thanks, I thought it was a gray Jay, but wanted clarification. I have seen several Clark's Nutcrackers and noticed their bill was longer. Flycatchers I am having trouble with. I believe this is a Cordilleran Flycatcher


That looks good for one. 

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