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Northeast Sandpipers

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Thank you. I've come across some sources with conflicting info, such as juvenile leg color can be variable and eyebrow means semi, so I'm not too confident in my own skills yet.  Wish the beaks were in the pic.  Next time I'll watch them more closely... this little flock was very cooperative! 

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Leg color is something to be careful of -- it can be obscured by mud, etc., and can be rather variable in youngsters. Don't know where you got the "eyebrow means semi" line -- that's simply wrong. In this case, the extensive rufous on the scaps and tawny-rufous on the wing coverts coupled with the nice, clean, crisp juvenile plumage say Least as well as the legs. Semi's lack extensive rufous above in this plumage, and Western have distinctly gray wing coverts.

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