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How iBird Photo Sleuth Recognizes Birds

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Photo Sleuth is based on what is called a neural network. Its a computer program that has been trained with millions of photographs of birds to recognize their unique patterns. It works just like our brain works for recognizing patterns.

 This video might help you understand how a neural network works. Its an interview with Bill Atkinson by Leo Laporte on 
Twit.tv Triangulation from August 24, 2018. Bill Atkinson invented HyperCard for the Macintosh, developed the Mac's QuickDraw routines (which revolutionized how computers could use a bit mapped display to do graphics) and founded General Magic, a company which was the foundation upon which 4 years later the iPhone was based.

There is a section in the interview about how the brain actually learns. Extremely lucid explanation.

Brain stuff starts at 41 minutes in.

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