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Central Lexington County, central SC, Sept. 6th, 2020

A long time ago (well, about a month) a farm pond far, far away (well, 3/10th of a mile) was lowered four feet or so  This has given me the opportunity to further develop my shorebird skills.  (My Darling Bride says it's exposed my incredible ignorance, but she's not a birder so I pretend I don't hear that.)

So what do I have?  From left to right, Spotted, Pectoral, and three Leasts? 


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No plumage of Spotted has pale feather fringes. That character is a hallmark of Calidris. Assuming that the bird is actually that much smaller than the Pec, it has to be a Least. However, beware of size illusion in telephoto photography. I'd go with 4 Leasts and a Pec.

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9 hours ago, HamRHead said:

sort of thought there had to be some more mudpiper photos lurking somewhere.


5 hours ago, Tony Leukering said:

However, beware of size illusion in telephoto photography.

Yeah, this would be much easier if I could get access to the far side of the pond, or if they'd come over to the near side.  But it's private property, and the near side has a narrow, steeply sloped bank.  They understandably prefer the wetter, flatter, wider shore.

Such is life.  An earlier Pectoral sighting was good for a lifer, and they're practically in my back yard, so there's not much reason to complain.  Thanks.

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