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Bullhead City, Az. Part 1

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All taken on the Colorado River in Bullhead city.  You can see the birds lot hot since it was over 115 degrees on the water.  


1) Sparrow Not sure I'm guessing Brewer's (location), Vesper, or Savannah.



2) Merlin.  There were American Kestrels as well (easier to ID with the orange and blue).  This one looked different



3)  Solitary Sandpiper?  


4) Unknown 


5) I believe this is a female Great tailed Grackle, but it had no tail like an American Dipper.  When I zoomed in I'm going grackle.  



6)  Difficult Swallow Shots.  I think it might be a Bank Swallow.  I've had Northern Rough Wings in this area, but this one looked different.  Maybe cannot be ID'd form poser photos. 




All help much appreciated.  Part 2 will be smaller birds.  



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1. My guess (no experience with western sparrows) would be Brewer's

2. first shot might be merlin, but I am unsure. The rest of the photos are kestrels.

3. These look better for spotted with that eyeline and solid brown back.

4. Maybe an oreothlypus warbler? Not sure about that chestnut shoulder...

5. Grackle with tail molt (hopefully).

6. Last photo has me thinking barn with that forkey tail, not sure about the other photos.


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Photo #1 -- The tail is FAR too long for either Vesper or Savannah. Brewer's Sparrow

Photos #2 and 4 -- Brewer's Sparrow

Photo #3 -- Spizella (long, narrow tail), but angle is poor, Chipping or Brewer's, though probably the latter

Photo #5 -- American Kestrel (look at the tail patterns of the two small falcons)

Photos #6-9 -- American Kestrel

Your set #3 -- https://cobirds.org/Publications/InTheScope.aspx

Agree with Benjamin about Verdin and Barn Swallow; remaining bird is a female Great-tailed Grackle -- the color pattern and white eye leave no other options


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