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Some of you may remember the bird poker game we had years, and years, ago. Well, THIS IS NOTHING LIKE THAT GAME!. The old game had rules requiring certain specifics be met for each poker hand played, this game has no rules, except the ones you set for yourself. The idea is to post photos of birds that you can relate to a poker hand and then post a better hand with your next photo. While we'll follow the standard poker hands(linked below), how we make up those poker hands and what order they're played in is up to the individual. As an example, someone could claim that a pair of goldfinches has a higher ranking than a pair of hawks, or maybe a pair of birds with black eyes has a higher ranking than a pair of birds with pink feet, or maybe three birds with white wingbars outranks three painted buntings, or maybe four house sparrows out rank four ivory-billed woodpeckers, you decide how to rank your own birds. One pair, two pair, three a kind, etc., are all pretty straightforward, you'll have to get creative with what makes a straight and a royal straight though. Maybe five black-eyed birds for the suit, and different leg lengths assigned to the A,K,Q,J,10 ranking, or maybe five birds ranked in order by the amount of a similar colour they share. It doesn't matter, post photos that you can twist into a poker hand, use your imagination and be creative, there are no rules except to have fun.


Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. This is not a gambling site. :classic_laugh: 


Poker hand rankings: https://images.app.goo.gl/fFoSqzpfzG5jUUW57

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