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Long, decurved bill, contrasting light below, white on tail up to P3, broad, curved wingtips that don't quite reach the tail. I'd say it looks pretty good.

There's just not really anything else it could be, it's structurally way wrong for Anna's and Costa's, and there's not rufous on the tail.

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@Tony LeukeringWhat's your opinion on this bird? It seems crazy people are both suggesting Anna's and black chinned, they really aren't too similar at all. This is one confusing bird.


The people on Inaturalist are pretty divided right now: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/59223840

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1 minute ago, Benjamin said:

@Connor Cochrane Paul Sweet is a renowned birder from my home state of Illinois. He knows what he's talking about. He used to be on this forum before the crash, and was essentially the 'Tony Leukering' of the forum.

Also, he agrees with me on the ID of the bird, so there's that. 


Okay I’ll take that into account. I’ve sent it to a few more people I trust. If they say BCHU I guess that’s what I’ll call it. A pretty expirenced local birder said Anna’s, but he often reverts to the most likely option unless otherwise stated. It’ll be cool if it’s Black-chinned since I would have found the two rare archilochus in one week. 

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