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Are these 'just' Goldfinch?

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Are all of these just American Goldfinch?  The last few times I thought I had captured a different bird, because they looked different from the Goldfinch I get in my yard, I learned they were all Goldfinch. What about these?  They are all different birds. My ID skills are awful. Thanks so much.

6I5A0283a (2).jpg



6I5A0898a (2).jpg



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@gladner, regarding the warbler, notice the differences in the shape and color of its bill (longer, narrower, black instead of yellow/orange), the color of feet and legs (dark vs. pink), and the relatively shorter length of the tail.  Goldfinches have rounder bodies than more elongated warblers, although body shapes can be difficult to see when they're obscured by branches and leaves.

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6 hours ago, gladner said:

Thanks for the info!


Oh, and notice behavior.  Warblers are more active because they generally catch bugs for a living.  All finches are seed eaters, so they spend more time perched while eating seeds from plants.  If you have feeders, there's almost no overlap between what types of food they'll take (seeds vs suet/mealworms).

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