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Sept. 13, 2020.  Central Lexington County, central SC.  Bird was active in dense mixed woods above a clear creek that drains adjoining athletic fields.  Bird was quite active in dense shrubs 4 to 6 feet off the ground, mostly within 20 feet of creek.

I see a brownish crown and back of head, charcoal cheek patch, dark-over-pink bill,  olive back shading to slightly lighter green tail, bright yellow underparts, pink legs, no wing bars (or their hidden by a branch in both shots), no streaking on breast or underparts, no or minimal weak eye ring (could be washed out by the light).




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Thanks.  I'm not hung up on the age or gender as long as I have the species correct.

I had four warblers today I couldn't immediately place.  Two turned out to be unfamiliar fall or immature plumages, and the other two were birds I already had but didn't remember having seen them before.  Still a great day anyway - two new yard birds, and photo lifers of three others.  Beats being at work!

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