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What flycatcher?

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Structurally I'm going to have to agree with Great-crested here, this looks all wrong for a Kingbird. What appears to be very slightly white outer tail feathers is just an illusion, it's pretty easy to find photos of GC Flycatchers in which the outer edges of the tail look a little lighter. And it is a bit strange that no rufous is visible, though I would argue I can see a little rufous on the underside of the tail.

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There is rufous on the tail on my screen, as noted by Benjamin. Understand that the rufous on Myiarchus tails is mostly on the inner webs, so is not visible on the closed tail from above/behind.

The outer edges of all flight feathers wear and bleach more quickly than the inner edges, due to their greater exposure to the elements. Pale edges is a result of wear and bleaching.

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