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Vireos - Philly or Warbling and Yellow throated - Western Mass

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1st 2 pics I thought were a Warbling but someone thought it may be a Philly because of the yellow and the line thru the eye seems to go all the way to the bill. Both have been spotted in the same area. Philly less likely.

29565507417_cb7fafd2be_c.jpgP1340103 by STEFAN TOWNSEND, on Flickr

44503137161_3bf9584029_c.jpgP1340109 by STEFAN TOWNSEND, on Flickr

Yellow-throated Vireo?

44453271132_80dba6b392_c.jpgP1340576 by STEFAN TOWNSEND, on Flickr

(All pics taken last few days)

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