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Injured sandpiper

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This poor thing is a Spotted Sandpiper, right?  Water-treatment pond, Santa Fe, N.M. this evening.  He's been there at least a week, not surprisingly.  He won't let me get any closer than this.

I have lots more shots, and in each one his face pattern looks different.

Any ideas on how an injury like this could happen and why he seems to still have wingtips near his tail?



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1 hour ago, geoffclarke said:

I agree with Spotted Sandpiper. No idea how it happened, but maybe their wings can get dislocated like our shoulders? I don't know. But it looks like just the right wing is off and its left wing tips are in the normal location.

Thanks.  I can see what you're saying about only one wing being injured, though it looks as if two wings are sticking up somehow.  Maybe just different primaries?

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