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I don't know if this thread will make it or not, but here it is.

Here is the plan: Put a link to your checklist and feel free to comment along with it. Talk about some strange behavior of some sparrows, or about that you saw the first Yellow Warbler seen at a location. I think you all will get the idea.

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I will start us of with one from my house, yesterday.


I sat out side on the patio reading a book about Hannibal and his elephants(And stopping to look at birds coming to my feeders to). At one point I got up and ran across the yard to find a 'bird' I had heard, When I got to the general area I heard it again, and I realized it was a Cooper's grey tree frog!

Besides chasing Tree frogs I saw two young Ruby-throated Hummingbirds fight the whole time. At one point they both landed on the feeder opposite each other, not realizing that the other one was just a few inches away.  They sat there for over a minute looking very confused at why they were not being dive bombed, finely it was discovered and off they went.

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I'll throw my hat in the ring.

The morning forecast was "patchy" fog in spots. When we reached our destination, the patchy fog turned into thicker than pea soup. We could have only seen a bird only if it pecked at our feet. As a result, we headed inland until the sun could burn off the fog.
The location is a small park and wildlife preserve by a tidal river. Occasionally, there are surprises there, such as a river otter, a deer, or mixed in with the mallards some other species of duck.
This day, I was fortunate enough to see three belted kingfishers flying about. Three osprey still hanging around; one diving in the water and catching a small fish.

P.s. Reading the previous postings with the high number of species observed are very fortunate.

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I was up into the very low sierras yesterday, about 3000 feet in elevation, and had a good day. The two highlights though were exploring a picnic area in an apple ranch, and finding that it looked very good for warblers. I ended up with four warbler species at a date when the only usual species left are the yellow rumps. I will be going back for sure in the spring. 



The other highlight of the day was at the place where I was camping for the weekend, I had a massive mixed flock come through my campsite, and I followed it around for over an hour and a half. It had at least 200 birds in it, by far the largest mixed flock I had ever seen, with 12 species that I could see. The species that made it up were Hairy and Downy woodpeckers, both kinglets, Hutton's vireo, Red and White breasted nuthatch, Oak Titmouse, Mountain Chickadee, Brown Creeper, Black Throated Gray Warbler, and Audubon's and Myrtle yellow rumps. The flock may also have had a few juncos in it, but I could not tell if they were following the flock or not. I also had both a Hairy and Downy Woodpecker perch and remain on the same tree for a period of time, allowing for close examination of their features, as well as a Pileated Woodpecker very low in elevation for their species in the sierras.



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