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3 minutes ago, dragon49 said:

Ty - You are right.  The originals were very dark, as I took them 3 minutes after sunset and didn't lighten them enough.  Are these what you had in mind?  

They are the same picture, just 2 different crops.  I'll probably go ahead and delete the first, darker set.







MUCH better! 

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42 minutes ago, IKLland said:

Why X for all species?

Because I also had my wife and son with my so spent my remaining time focused on pics and enjoying the scenery rather than try to count the incredible number of birds

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I took it slow today, with the only goal in mind to get a county Wild Turkey lifer.  The problem is that there aren't more than two, perhaps three in these trails, and it's a large area to cover, and I woke up far too late to give myself a good chance of finding one of the birds.  I could have given myself a better chance by staying until dark, but I wanted to get on with my day, and these birds aren't going away anytime soon.

I did, however, get an unexpected Northern Flicker lifer.  I was getting sick of seeing these in my Needs Alert emails all the time:




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