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Checked an irrigation pond that hadn't been eBirded in a few weeks. Every time I've gone here, something cool has shown up! First time was 1st county record BBWD, second was rare AMAV and STSA, and today was a trio of BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS (my fav!) along with a bunch of other cool stuff. They ran right up to us, within 10 feet! Can't wait to see the photos the other birder I was with got, he has a much better camera! Buff-breasted Sandpiper - Avery Fish


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I went here first, looking for an American Golden-Plover lifer, as somebody reported it had been hanging around with the Black-bellied Plovers, but by the time I got there, it had left.  An otherwise OK checklist for the time spent and distance travelled:


Then, I drove down the road a little bit and got my American Golden-Plover lifer.  Good checklist otherwise.  Had the storm not come, I would hung around longer, travelled farther, and gotten some additional species:



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I took a day off from chasing lifers, (or so I thought 🙂) and went for a nice hike at my favorite place in the world.  I got more species and more birds taking the same path last week, but I'm certain that was due to me having gotten there before sunrise.  I slept later today.  It was a great trip, nonetheless.


I was in my car about to go home, when I got an alert of a Neotropic Cormorant 15 minutes away.  I needed the lifer, preferably in-county, and they very rarely show up here, so I ran down, showed up just as the afternoon thunderstorm hit, and achieved my goal:


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