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The plan was to get at least one sparrow lifer, but it's possible I may have been at fault for having failed, as one of our best birders told me to show up at sunrise, but I had problems separating myself from my mattress, and ended up showing up 25-minutes after the sun came up.  

In spite of the setback, I have to consider this my best solo birding day!  Currently, the checklist stands at 50 species + 3 additional taxa.  So, even if I decide to keep the mystery hawk at hawk.sp, this still sets a personal species count record for me.  Not sure whether I care to go through all my checklists to see what the previous solo record was, but I'm pretty certain it was between 47-49 species.

It was also an awesome day, as the refuge is my favorite place in the world.

See the checklist notes for more details.


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I ran down to get a county lifer Bufflehead.  It was a very easy chase.  Thirteen species would normally be awful for this hotspot, but I was only here for the one goal which I accomplished instantly.  I could have walked around another hour and finished with >40 species.  One day in December I'll submit an awesome checklist for this hotspot.  


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My initial plan was to just run down here, take photos of the anticipated lifer Rusty Blackbird, submit a short, stationary checklist, and call it a day.  I ran into a number of birding friends, also on the chase, and one of them got me on a Gadwall which I needed for the year.  On the way to the Gadwall, I made the County Rare Bird Alert the second time today with the Bufflehead.  I submitted my observations from the time I showed up at the Rusty Blackbird spot, until I left the park.  I can get tons more here, but this was pretty decent for the time spent and ground covered:


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Amazing day, having found the rare Snow Geese (Lifer!)  I also got two FOYs, the Northern Pintail and Marsh Wren.  

Audubon Everglades guided field trip.  The guide split this into different checklists:



The main one:


This one, just to get the rare Tropical Kingbird for a different county:


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A Greater Pewee had been reported an hour and a half away as the second state record. I knew what I had to do this weekend. It was very little trouble finding the bird with its extensive vocalizations. A photo and audio recording were a slam dunk. I played tag with several birders hitting hotspots on the way back home in an attempt to also add a Tropical Kingbird to the county list. (I failed.) I did, however, snag an additional lifer with a Ferruginous Hawk (with an awful photo).

The important list: https://ebird.org/checklist/S155598695

The whole day: https://ebird.org/tripreport/175900

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