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I had other plans, but for health reasons needed to sleep late.  I ran down to a nearby spot looking to get a county lifer Canada Goose at an old, known location.  I took a lot of pictures of a wooden decoy but didn't find what I was looking for.  It turned out to be a nice checklist for the time spent and ground covered.  I got two FOY birds.  I also got great looks at a sharpie transitioning from a compressed position to a wings-spread one and was able to fully appreciate just how small these hawks are:


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From Monday.  I generally don't share these low number of species checklists unless there is something special about them.  There is always something special on the refuge.  I was on the boardwalk a little too close to dark to get a lot of species for the hotspot, but that place is usually very good for audio, and I got some great clips, including an out of season Louisiana Waterthrush that made the County Rare Bird Alert:


Then, I started a nocturnal.  This was a really cool checklist.  I was able to capture some haunting Eastern Screech Owl audio and found my first Eastern Whip-poor-will since November of 2022.  


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I just finished up with yesterday's checklists.  Not a lot of species or birds on this first one, but I was really just there to get my lifer Yellow-headed Blackbird:


Then, I ran down the road to get Tricolored Munias for the year, but I couldn't find the birds.  It ended up a very good checklist, though:


I normally would have chased the munias until sunset, but the Common Myna nearby that I needed for the year was a gimme, so I gave up the chase and got the sure thing.  This parking lot is actually a hotspot, and I'm the top ebirder there.  I could have gotten more stuff (certainly more junglefowl) had I stuck around longer, but it was getting late and wanted to get on with my day.


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