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Best day ever at my patch, I saw exactly 100 species, five ebird rarities, two county birds, and one lifer and for my patch, I had 17 high counts. Was great weather today, 37 when I started and 59 when I finished. Saw a pair of raven totally attacking a turkey vulture, plucking feathers off of it's wings in midair. 


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PSA: I hate to be a downer in this topic, as there are many great lists here, but I am noticing that there is clearly an effort by many on this thread to get high species counts for a list and or location/patch. As a result, I have come across many lists which go against eBird best practices of keeping a list under 5 km (3 miles), and less than 3 hours.  Remember that eBird is real citizen generated meaningful scientific data, and not JUST a personal listing tool.

Additionally, depending in what county you live in, the eBird regional reviewer for your county may flag a checklist that covers a great distance or is extraordinarily lengthy (time-wise)...I have had this happen to me before. So, just a word of caution for this thread, that in order to avoid your checklist being removed from public output, it's best to follow the rules below. See "eBird rules and best practices."

Know when to start a new list

The shorter the duration and distance, the more valuable the information. Long checklists over large areas provide less information about exactly where and when birds occurred. 

When should you start a new checklist?

Any time you...

  • Have been traveling for more than a mile

consider starting a new checklist. Doing so provides more detailed information about where and when you observed the birds on your list!

Pro Tip: We recommend keeping Traveling checklists under 5 miles (8 km) and Stationary checklists under 3 hours for your sightings to make the biggest impact for science. However, limiting your checklists to less than one hour or one mile provides even more checklist precision!

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Had a pretty good day, went around to all of the ponds that I usually fish and birded them. I saw my county bird Wilson's snipe, Shockingly hard to find away from the national wildlife refuge in Sacramento county, and a 15 minute view of a Sora, the first one I have actually seen. I Never realized how much they flick their tails. 

best three ponds I visited today. 




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