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Good day today, The Tricolored Blackbird roost has increased in number again at my patch, and I finally got a photo of one of the Yellow-headed Blackbirds. The biggest surprise today was the Virginia Rail that briefly came out of the reeds and let me photograph it. Almost missed Mallard today, that would have been funny.


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6 hours ago, blackburnian said:

I think provenance is an issue here. I suppose the committees with have to hash that out. Cool bird though!

A member of the MBRC was on site.  I’m sure there will be dozens of eyes out today trying to find her.  She flew off at 1545 and wasn’t located after that.  So wings aren’t clipped.  Nobody mentioned seeing bands when they flew.  Hopefully that can be established with better pics today.   Weather looks a little better today, but hard freeze starts tomorrow, so open water will start shrinking.  

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