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40 minutes ago, Birding Boy said:

Nice one! Some good Florida specialties. Btw, just before it’s flagged on eBird, you uploaded your Anhinga shot under Limpkin.  

Ty - I fixed the upload.

Regarding the Florida specialties, I assume you are referring to the the Limpkin and Swallow-tailed Kite.  I saw some concerns about vanishing habitats for the Limpkin, but in South Florida, our interconnected systems of lakes, marshes, and canals, provide lots of snails to the bird to survive on, so I don't see it having any problems here.

I'm having fun spotting the same birds.  Last Saturday, I saw the exact two Domestic Mallards that I had seen back in May at the same lake.  I wonder whether yesterday's and today's Swallow-tailed Kites are the same birds I spotted in the exact spot three weeks ago.

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There was a brief dip in temperature before going back to 110+ °F, so I went out early this morning to get a little birding in. I hadn't seen anything too exciting posted on eBird, but I figured I might as well go to the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve. One of the ponds was drained, revealing shallow water and mudflats. Because of that, I actually had a pretty active day, with a lot of shorebirds, including a lifer Black Tern (with photo)! Many of the juvenile grackles were learning to hunt by chasing and eating the cicadas. Plenty of juvenile Mourning Doves, as well.

There was also a family of coyotes on one of the ponds. Mom kept a watchful eye on her pups, who barked a few times.

The Black-necked Stilt recording might be the largest number of background species I've had on a recording yet, with 10.

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3 hours ago, Birds are cool said:

Second Cooper's hawk this summer for me. It was an imm! They are very hard to find, and I finally got some good photos of the hawk. I have not uploaded them yet. I will also I upload photos if the baby loggerhead shrikes, so be on the lookout.



Looks like somebody was rating all your images five stars…including that gnatcatcher. Seems more like a two or three to me. 

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Good day.  The three Swallow-tailed Kites that I saw yesterday and Tuesday disappeared.  They're currently gathering in flocks for the trip back to South America, so, I don't think I'll be seeing them for a while.  It was good to spot the Royal Tern, as it's only my second sighting here, but the flyover surprised me, and I wasn't able to get any pictures.


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