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Highest number of birds so far this season for my county were in flight last night according to BirdCast, but no warblers except for two annoyingly distant flyovers. Of course BirdCast cautions that it's the number of birds that are in flight, not the ones that have landed in your patch. I don't get to see flickers very often though, so that was a treat.

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Two checklists today:

https://ebird.org/checklist/S119561071 - I was worried that Hurricane Ian would prevent me from leaving my building and wasn't going to ruin my checklist streak, so I looked through the balcony glass door until I saw some birds.

https://ebird.org/checklist/S119574112 - It was windy, but safe enough to go outside.  I hate sitting on my butt all day, so I took a quick walk around the neighborhood.  Very rare for me to have a travelling protocol checklist longer than a few minutes without photos, but I didn't bring a camera, and there was no point in taking iPhone photos of the common species I encountered.  


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