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Saluda Shoals Park, Lexington County, central SC. 

This was the regular 'last Saturday of the month' walk sponsored by the park.  We had seven people, all regulars (sometimes we've had 20+).  The walk rarely ends at the scheduled 10:00; since everyone is avid-to-hardcore, today we went past 11:30.  Clear and calm, 40F warming to 55F+.  I had 38, including a lifer Brown Creeper; a couple better birders had 44 and 46.  Other highlights included a snoozing Barred Owl, Belted Kingfisher, five woodpeckers, a couple of vireos (I missed the White-eyed), and a Winter Wren (missed it too).  One of group arrive early and counted 1600 Ring-billed moving over just past sunrise.


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My mother and I spent over 4 hours at the bird preserve on the 30th and saw 67 different birds, including a ridiculous five Virginia Rails that continued to tease me by not coming out of the reeds. I also got an audio lifer with a late Yellow Warbler. (We have many during migration, but I never recorded one.)



On 11/24/2022 at 6:04 PM, IKLland said:

and this successful quick TRKI search:



 You lucky dog! It wouldn't stay in one place. 😛

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Got a Surf Scoter Lifer on Thursday:


On Friday, I got Common Loon and Green-winged Teal lifers:


Yesterday, I got Common Tern and Lesser Scaup Lifers:


Also, from yesterday:


Today, I got a Common Loon photo lifer:



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