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8 hours ago, dragon49 said:

Bump - @IKLland  and @Birds are cool - Do you guys like this crop of the same Common Yellowthroat photo better than the original, lesser-cropped photo?  I certainly do, so @IKLland ty 4 the suggestion.




I agree, much better, and I could see an even further cropped in version.

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9 hours ago, dragon49 said:

That photo of a Tricolored Heron is not cropped and wasn't post-processed at all.  I do crop some photos, such as this Common Yellowthroat from the same checklist:




I agree.  I frequently have a dilemma when cropping or cropping more would focus more on the bird and show more details, but the downside is that the picture becomes a little (or more than a little) pixelated.  Sometimes, I don't balance the issues enough and my finished product isn't cropped enough.  I think I did a good job with the Common Yellowthroat above though. 

The cropped photo looks better. If you cropped the Tricolored Heron, that would be an amazing photo!

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My mother and step-father wanted to go the bird preserve today. With the upcoming weather, this was definitely the last outing of the year unless something extraordinary shows up. The interesting sightings included six Wood Ducks, five Crissal Thrashers, four Ross's Geese, three Virginia Rails, two Cackling Geese, and a lifer Tundra Swan a-swimmin'.


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Woohoo! Went birding with the Dublin CBC today! Heard a Winter Wren which is a liter for my father! I also got some amazing photos of an Eastern Phoebe, Yellow-rumped Warbler, and Hermit Thrush. I observed two different pairs of Brown-heared Nuthatches excavating out a cavity nest! I got about 4ft away from one of the nests, but then couldn't focus on the bird.🤬


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