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We took a drive down to Willow Beach in Arizona and stopped at a couple places on the way back. Three checklists combined into a trip report:

Nothing new for the year, but notable sightings:

  • Lesser Black-backed Gull
  • 450 Ruddy Ducks at Willow Beach, which is unusually high
  • African Collared-Dove (I've noticed that escapees are listed at the bottom of trip reports now)
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2 hours ago, dragon49 said:

Like I said in the checklist notes, it was a bad time of the day to go birding, which is why I didn't see to many birds.  I'm actually surprised I got that many species:


The slow days are always the days with the most species. I remember going birding with my dad, and the hotspot we went to was very slow, but we ended up with 38 species somehow!

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5 hours ago, Aidan B said:

"Slow" day at Lake Camanche, at least compared to normal. Still can't complain though, I had some really nice birds! Fourteen Red-breasted Mergansers on a central valley lake is quite unexpected, to say the least! 


I need to go birding at a lake again. I got my lifer Common Loon at Lake Itasca Minnesota. Also side note: we used to have a bunch of different ducks that would all be lifers on a pond(near the house) for like a month(at our old house), except I was very bad with ducks(and others) so I didn’t ID like any. 😥

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3 hours ago, Birds are cool said:

Very good list, especially for this location.


Changed my mind. Went birding when I got home, and look at the amount of birds! 400 American Robins. 415 RWBL, 13 Rusty Blackbird, and a total of 34 species! I also got some good photos.


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Better counts than yesterday on the blackbirds! 30 species, almost 500 Robins(I individually counted them. Took me 25 minutes and I don't think I got them all. 361 RWBL which I also individually counted. 8 YRWA, my highest count this year!


I also really like this checklist from earlier today. My best and favorite photo of a mourning dove!


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