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Help with terns

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That explains my confusion on the coloring! Thank you! I'm curious because I'm trying to get better with terns. is it the beak, cap, body, or wingtips that make you all lean towards Forster's tern?

Also, this tern, which I saw in Clearwater Fla in May seems to have black feet? Which type of tern would this be?



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11 minutes ago, sbruenjes said:

That's what I thought. Can you differentiate from a Caspian tern because of the bill? 

That's one key to figuring them out, also Caspian have more black on their wing tips compared to Royal. 

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1 minute ago, Nighthawk01 said:

I believe Caspian Terns are also BARELY larger than Royal Terns. I’m probably wrong, though.

Yes, I think Caspian is the largest tern in the world, if I remember correctly.

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