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Acadian Flycatcher ???

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  • 2 weeks later...

the ebird reviewer asked me to change it to Traill's - he suggested I needed a sound recording to nail it as an Acadian...I believe I may have messed this up myself by not noting Benjamin's comment about the long primary projection...something I've paid more attention to now that I'm asking about (Alder vs Willow) from this morning - it's primary projection is noticeably shorter than the Acadian's from the previous week.

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Alder can be quite green, but I agree about the primary projection... in general.

From Pyle 1997:

longest pp -- longest ss (primary projection): Acadian 13.3 - 23.5 mm; Traill's 10.2 - 17.4 mm

MORE IMPORTANTLY, note the long gap from the outermost primary tip that we can SEE to the next primary tip and compare to that on Alder (which is the most-likely Traill's given eye ring and date):



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