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I know my spring warblers but clearly not my fall!  seen in western PA this evening.  Can I get some help with these?

1. Very unclear to me but maybe Northern Parula?

2. Hoping Bay-breasted because of the color on the sides but it's probably another Blackpoll

3. Blackpoll ?

I also got Magnolia, Black-throated Blue, and Chestnut-sided today but those are obvious.  Thanks for the help!




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Generally migration occurs much more quickly in the spring than in the fall. Birds are in a frenzied rush to get to their breeding grounds as quickly as possible, in order to stake out the very best piece of breeding territory they possibly can. Because of this, many species are quite a bit easier to see in the fall than in the spring, simply due to the larger window of time you have to see them. Also, it really depends on your location-- believe it or not, birds often take completely different routes in the spring and fall, which means that in some areas certain species may not even be present or are very rare in either migration season.

Here's a great animation that shows this- notice how in the spring they seem to rush up north in just a couple of weeks, but in the fall they hang on to areas of the US for as long as they can. https://ebird.org/science/status-and-trends/bkpwar/abundance-map-weekly

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#1 -- It has streaking below, immediately ruling out Northern Parula. Additionally, the tail is too long and the pattern of the tail spots is wrong for Parula.

Learn tail patterns, they're incredibly useful AND THEY DON'T CHANGE FROM SEASON TO SEASON, because tail feathers are replaced only once/year.

The full, high-res version of that plate can be found in the Warblers field guide.

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in the aforementioned field guide.


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