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7 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

@Birding Boy  So sorry.  I rated your sister's 5, but the average didn't change...I know I shouldn't care so much about photo ratings, but, man, that makes me mad.

By the way, how did you upload so many photos for one species?  I thought there was a limit of ten...

I appreciate it. I know I probably shouldn’t obsess over it too much, but I noticed that there was one contributor who gained two rates and gained altitude so to speak on the home page, and my sister and I gained two and dropped substantially. Ours had been in front of this photo originally. Just weird to have this going on on eBird.

And I can upload additional photos to passerine sp., and then click edit species and change the media from passerine sp. to the desired species. I uploaded a bunch of redpolls shots just because they’re one of my favorite winter passerine species haha. 


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eBird Photo Rating Frustration.

I wasn't sure where to post this but settled on here, lots of eBird photo posters.

Yesterday, after trying for some time, I finally got reasonably close to some Rough-legged Hawks, they are not that common here. I was pretty happy about this but when I posted them within seconds I received two ratings, both 3 and that is it. There is not much interest in rating photos here at a County level so I gave them a 5 to prop them up.

I shouldn't let this get to me but when you put some effort in this can be discouraging.

This is the link to the photos. Are they really a 3?


I always try to be objective when I give ratings and happy to give someone else a higher rating than for one of my own.

Does anyone else run across this problem?

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@The Bird Nuts, @Kevin

Thanks guys, that is very helpful - you should have seen my other photos!! In fact I don't think there are any decent ones on a County level (I guess that is what I was comparing mine to)- not sure why but they are really tough to get close to compared to Red-tailed.

I feel better now and have resolved not to worry about ratings going forward.

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