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@Seanbirds. That was very strange. I went back to convert a mid-September "incomplete" report to a "complete" one which included adding some warblers. At the time I had posted it quickly for the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, a good bird here.

The Blackburnian immediately started getting ratings and kept going!! I was a bit nervous that people might think it was a recent sighting.

Turned out to be one of my better eBird posts, a few decent photos.


Thanks for pointing this out as I wasn't aware of it.

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I’ve always wondered what makes certain photos ‘go off’ in terms of ratings. 
I’ve seen some very good photos by people  go unrated (expect by me) and then sometimes a good but not ~amazing~ photo that someone posts amasses 20+ ratings within an hour or two. 
Is it the person? The bird? The location? Time of day? Luck?


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The subject of ratings in general raises some questions in my mind.  I've had so-so pictures rated as 5 stars (perhaps someone liked the picture, but ignored the quality), and I've seen other people's excellent photos rated quite low (no idea why that would be).  But as to the sudden flurry of ratings, I was poking around on eBird a few days ago, and clicked on a quiz link.  It seemed like you were expected to rate the photo you were shown.  I don't know how many people use that quiz mechanism, but possibly some ratings come from there.

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38 minutes ago, Aaron said:

The location?

I think this also plays a big part of it, areas with a lot of ebirders have more people see the photo and than rate it. For example, when I check the best photos in the last 30 days for Los Angeles county, CA, the average number of rating per photograph is much higher than if I check Sacramento county, CA.

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This is one of my top rated photos because 2 people decided it was 5 stars.... thanks I guess ?.  Oh well!

I had someone rate one of those crappy Harris’s sparrow photos I posted a while back (blurry, could barely tell what it was) 5 stars so I had to delete it.

It’s fun seeing people’s names you recognize in the top photos. Whatbird seems to represent a large portion of those!

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