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I think the photos TERNED out fine!

I'm starting to Cassowary eye on this thread...

We have a Myna problem here...we should Eider stop or have the moderator lock this thread.

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This thread has become nothing but Brambling by a bunch of Buffleheads! I Finch when I read it, all these Grebey people trying to outdo each other. By Gully, I've had enough. I'm getting my Ani out of here before I begin to sound as Loony as the rest of y'all!!!

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With everybody here talkin' Turkey, I Grouse I'll be Chukaring and Chuckling for a long time. This topic has made me Quail with laughter a lot. 

This is turning into a Cardinal place for puns and everybody who visits has a Lark, I'm sure. Well, that's Auk you'll hear from me for now.


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One comment and Swiftly every one started Crowing! More and more people started Creeper in, trying to make theirs the Starling. We are running out of Petrel and then we are going to run into a Gadwall!

Every one is Avoceting for their post, we have Turnstone almost every name possible, it has to stop!

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