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Mystery Warblers in Northern Virginia

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7 hours ago, blackburnian said:

I like Parula for 3.

Tail pattern looks wrong for NOPA and the tail seems too long, although if the mandible is actually that yellow, it probably is a NOPA. The toes certainly look yellow, but, then, the whole picture is yellow, so I don't trust appearances very far. The apparent shape of the tail spots would put this somewhere in the Blackpoll-like tail patterns, but seemingly more minimal than that. I vote for "warbler sp." The apparent tail spots on the bird in pic #3 rule out Tennessee and any other warbler species not in the genera MniotiltaProtonotariaVermivora, or Setophaga.

The bird in pic #2 seems to have the entire undertail white, which would suggest something in the Black-throated Green camp, but I don't trust the lighting, so, again, I vote for "warbler sp."

The bird in pic #4 seems to have tail spots like something in the Pine Warbler camp, but I'm not convinced that appearances are real here. It doesn't seem to show real wing bars and the legs look dark, both of which would support an ID as TEWA. Without further evidence, I vote, again, for "warbler, sp."

The bird in pic #5 looks fine for NOPA. In fact, it is probably the same individual as in pic #1. At least, the upper-left leaf seems to be the same in the two pix.


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