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Swamp Sparrow?

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Hi there,

Need help identifying this sparrow, which was viewed two days ago in Providence County, RI.  Is this a swamp sparrow?  One thing is that could've sworn the bird had traces of yellow in the lores area (seen with my binocs, but it probably doesn't show too much in the photos), so I thought possibly a white-throated. 

One other question re: the first photo, which I didn't notice at the time: is that a Lincoln's Sparrow perched underneath the sparrow I'm asking about?  I notice what looks like a yellow breast with streaking...

Thanks, Joe

Sparrow 01.JPG

Sparrow 02.JPG

Sparrow 03.JPG

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Thanks for the helpful feedback!  I didn't know youngster swamps can have yellow in the face...
I did observe a field sparrow concurrently on the same plant as the swamp sparrow, so from your feedback looks like I must have just captured the field sparrow in the background with its back to the camera (I wasn't focusing on it)...I think in the third photo you can kind of make out the eye ring and pink bill...

Thanks again, Joe

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