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Red Shouldered Hawk vs Osprey or something else?

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Ospreys are darkest-headed when they're juvs in the nest, and this bird is much darker-headed than that. Addtionally, Ospreys are much, MUCH larger than Red-shouldereds, with Osprey having a wingspan half-again as long as that of Red-shouldered (from Sibley: Osprey 63", Red-shouldered 40"; Red-tailed 49"). Field guides provide a lot more information than just the pictures.

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Thank you.  I heard the commotion and ran outside with my camera and took them in my front yard.  They are crops from much larger images so they aren't super sharp but good enough to get a feel for it.  I counted another five birds that were circling much higher, just spectating I suppose.  There are are few more pictures from the series here:  http://sean.mcrobert.us/

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