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Tell me about this Wood Duck

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I saw a family of Wood Ducks this afternoon at lake Manawa in Council Bluffs, IA.  Two were adults like this one, and two young 'uns.  In the 1st pic, I believe this is a young male, not yet in eclipse plumage.  Am I correct?  The 2nd pic shows the same "adult" and both of the little ones--couldn't get a pic with all 4 of them in frame.  The last pic shows both "adults".




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12 hours ago, smittyone@cox.net said:

I believe this is a young male, not yet in eclipse plumage.

This is an oxymoron. The so-called "eclipse" plumage -- better termed alternate plumage -- is worn in summer, thus ducks in their first year of life do not wear the plumage. The bird's red eye identifies it as a male. That it doesn't look like this suggests that it is a first-year bird.

The second photo has a Wood Duck and two Blue-winged Teal (note the pale areas in front of the eyes, the low-slung swimming look of all members of genus Spatula, and the wide bills so different from that of Green-winged Teal)

The third pic shows two immature male Wood Ducks.


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