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Help with Ducks Please

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Just starting to learn ducks.  Man made lake/pond in Houston.

1.  Among Mallards so assumed also a Mallard   Greenish bill and no white in tail.  Now thinking American Black?

2.  Lacks the white Bars on the speculum    Grayish bill   No white by eye.  Green wing teal?5F0EF0D2-4DF8-46EB-A635-015F825BD4EF.thumb.jpeg.bb8c7578cc9a732f4510b461bdf88425.jpeg

3   White on front   Can’t find anything like this in guides so thinking something domestic  





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5 minutes ago, Tony Leukering said:

1 -- Mallard x Mottled probably; American Black is really unlikely relative to Mottled

2 -- Probably ditto, given the strong head pattern (Mottled should have a weak head pattern and a buffier head)

3 -- Domestic Mallard


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