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Birding during Winter Months

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Does anyone have particular plans for bird watching or bird photography in the winter months? My first experience with bird watching and photography started in May of 2020. I have enjoyed it very much.  The Meadows in central Illinois are silent now.  The small colorful birds that we used to see have migrated south for the winter.

I would like to continue bird photography outings during the winter. But the bird traffic has really slowed down.

Thank you, 


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Backyard bird feeders primarily, but around here (Vermont) we cruise the back roads looking for migrants like Rough-legged Hawks and Snowy Owls, and dream of spring.  Open water lakes are good for water birds, until they freeze over.

If you're on eBird, you can set up 'needs lists', which can point out what other people in your area are spotting.  Also, there might be a listserve in your area that people use to discuss what they're seeing.  Someone local to you could give you that info.

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@Lonnie, are you familiar with eBird's 'Explore' tool?  You can enter a county or state name in the 'Explore Regions' box.  You'll get a map showing the registered birding hotspots for that county.  (If you enter a state, you'll have to zoom in to see the individual hotspots.)  You can also change the date range to show a particular month.  Clicking a hotspot will let you see  how many species have been reported; clicking 'See details' will provide more information.


Here's a link to instructions to use the tool:


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