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Small bird in grasslands - Wood Pewee?

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7 hours ago, AlexHenry said:

Where is Ramona Grasslands? Helpful to know location 

It's a Hotspot in eBird.  Look for "Ramona Grasslands Preserve".  The hotspots "Ramona Grasslands--Old Survey Road 97" and  "Rangeland Road" are also around the grasslands.

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Thanks everyone for the ID!  I am surprised since the bird does not have a trace of vermilion and vermilion flycatchers are uncommon in this area.  Maybe there are more and we misidentify them.  It's great to have so many experts available via this site.


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It's a juvenile or immature, possibly female; that's why you don't see the vermillion color. Adult females have a reddish wash on the lower belly/vent area, and adult males have the bright vermillion color. Immature males have the red in patches as it grows in. The streaky breast also suggests juvenile or immature. I don't know if I've ever seen one with no red or even orangey or yellowish wash, though.

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